• Support users of the popular open source Site Kit , AMP and Web Stories WordPress plugins.
• Lead maintaining resources and processes as well as onboarding/ training new teammates for the support infrastructure of the CMS Developer Relations program.
• Collaborate with product teams closely to report user requests and issues, provide recommendations, and assist with external outreach to address compatibilities with other products and user education.
• Represent WordPress initiatives for Google at WordCamp US 2019.
• Co-author the CMS Chapter of the open source 2019 HTTP Archive Web Almanac.

Renee’s Virtual Office

• Web and WordPress consulting for individuals, businesses, and organizations.
• Training one-on-one and small groups on how to create and maintain websites using the WordPress platform.
• Development, design, and administration for websites.
• Organizer and volunteer for several WordCamp conferences.

WP Media

• Product management and customer support for the popular WP Rocket WordPress plugin.
• Engaged in product releases from start to finish and worked closely with developers, designers, support and marketing managers throughout the process.
• Managed and improved team organization, communication and workflows: project management, QA testing, UI/ UX design iteration, stakeholder and customer validation and feedback.
• Managed customer experience, collected and organized data, presented results and recommendations to stakeholders.
• Produced copy for the product user interface, marketing assets, and internal and external documentation.

Roth Projects

• Administrative and technical support to the principal, collaborators (designers, developers, and fabricators), and museum and business clients.
• Managed acquisition and organization of assets, databases of content, and communication for exhibition and web projects.
• Produced visual and written content as needed for projects, social media platforms and marketing.
• Researched and contributed pertinent information to help improve project content, development, and solve problems.